Question for people with a Phil and Ted's

Hi, I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with number 2 and my ds will be 13 months old when this one arrives. We have been looking at the Phil and Ted's and have been wondering how big they are when folded.
The reason I ask this is that my oh and myself dont drive so will be relying on public transport and occaisonally we may have to fold it down to get on one of the minibuses that the local bus company uses when the other buses have to be serviced, breakdown etc. We dont have a baby shop locally that stocks the pushchair so cant go in and check it for ourselves.



  • Hi I have a phil and ted pram and i do not drive. I found it fine for getting on and off buses that allow prams on. It folds down to about the same height as other three wheelers, the only thing is that i always remove the back, lower seat to collapse it. It is about the same weight as other three wheelers too. The best thing is to try before the baby is born. Could you see if the shop where you plan on buying it from has a free returns policy and check that it would allow you to return it after you have opened it up and taken it out of packaging. If so that might be your best option, but make sure that you will be able to take it back and get your money back, if it is not suitable for you.
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