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HI all,

This is my first post and thought I would try and be helpful and let you know about a hidden gem I have just found. My son is a big Baby Enistein fan and last week I heard about a new DVD that was supposed to be a similar kind of thing. It's called 'Oxbridge Baby - Learn to Talk' and is amazing. I have never seen anything quite like it because as well as all the usual bright toys you get on these DVDs there is also a woman doing brilliant facial expresions, basic sign language and there are even real animals.

Another great bit is a tutorial from a Paediatric speech & language therapist which is included on the DVD and I found to be really useful. I had never heard of this company before but it seems they have other products on the market as well so they need to sort out their maketing!

Anyone else tried this or even heard of the company?


  • Thanks littleredrose- I have seen the baby einstein toys and dvds in shops but never paid much attention to them I will definately have a closer look.

    I think teaching kids sign language is great- my two love something special on cbeebies which teaches sign
  • We've got 'Oxbridge Baby - Nursery Rhymes' and it's really great. All the tunes have been updated to modern styles (jazz, blues, etc) and it's really fun to listen to. Did not know that they do DVDs, will have a look for them.
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