I love my bear range....

Heya guys has anybody else noticed how totally gorgeous the i love my bear range is from toys r us!! my god i was in there the other day and its sooo lovely. Would defo consider choosing that for my baby. Anyone agree~??


  • I got the I Love My Bear range for Kara's crib and it was beautiful. It is gorgeous and so neutral colours.
  • I Love I Love My Bear! Its gorgeous!
  • i have to agree i bought nearly everything in the i love my bear range for my lo when she was born, crib, clothes, border for bedroom etc etc. its just so nice, not too bad priced too!
    Caz x x
  • my lo has the whole i love my bear range! it is lovely. we didn't find out the sex of our baby so wanted something neutral. it looks great and reasonably priced x
  • It's like ilmb threw up in our nurseery - we have the cot, moses basket, wardrobe, changing unit and storage box - including the covers etc that match. I love the range as it does have everything matching and I am a bit ocd when it come to things that match!! x
  • i also found this range sooooooooo cute but so far ive only bought the moses basket but will probably end up with the whole lot lol
  • we had the cotbed, bedding, pj's. etc etc...mobile....its so yummy and doesn't go out of fashion as my lo is 19 months and my friend just got the same range for her new arrival who was born the week before last.
  • we wanted to get the cotbed, any opinions guys if its worth the 180 quid??
  • i like it too! it also has good resale value as it sells for almost as much again on ebay!
  • I love this range .. its sooo cute. just bought the crib at the wekend and plan to go for the whole range xx
  • I love this range and think that it all looks so wonderful.

    Only problem I am having is with the plastic bath/changing unit, I am having a nightmare trying to work out which way to put the changing mat as it doesn't match what the pictures show - according to the pictures in the instructions the mat would fold out towards me to access the bath underneath, which doesn't make any sense. And when I put it the logical way, the tags don't reach to secure it in place.

    I can't find it in the Babies r Us catalogue or www, so was wondering if anyone else has bought it and can save me from giving up/going insane:\?!

  • Oh yeah, I deffinately agree. I have two little girls, 3 years and 7 months & I have recently discovered the range for them. The colours are so neutral and everything is so cute! Have you bought anything from there yet?
  • Oh and elikaye, I typed it into google and this is the weblink that came up: http://www.toysrus.co.uk/Category.aspx/BruOrFindUsing/BruAZOfBrands/BruClothingILoveMyBear
    hope that helps!
  • Hi Rachel

    Thanks for the weblink, but it doesn't have the bath/changing unit. I have been Googling (not sure if that is a word!) like mad trying to find any advice or decent pictures on how to put this thing together! Despite being part of the range, it doesn't appear to be something that they publicise.
  • I have the whole range going on in my nursery, I love it, its so cute, didnt have the cot or changer though as I had already choosen antique pine ones from Mothercare. Just need the baby now!

    Joanna 35+2
  • I love this range too and is a perfect match to the colour of our wallpaper in our spare room which means i dont have to redecorate! now i have discovered babies r us online i keep ordering everything! The whole nursery will be done before long!
  • I have the bouncer and I am really disappointed with it! It makes my LO sweat and he gets a sweat rash all over his back. We are considering buying a different one now...maybe it would be ok for winter babies tho?
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