Silver Cross Pop or Mamas and Papas Pulse?????

Can anyone recommend either the Silver Cross Pop stroller or the Mama's and Papa's Pulse stroller?
Really not sure which one to get?! They both look similar but I read conflicting reviews about both.
Does anyone have either of them?
Pinkpig xxxx


  • i had a pulse, but the buckle broke after a month or so, then bought a britax verve, but doesnt recline enough..... heard good reviews on pop though but in my opinion there cant be that much difference between them as they're all very similarly made x
  • i have the pop!!! i love it! i havet in blossom and its lovely!! i bought it coz my pilko was getting to bulky for me to get around with and brooke was in it from about 6 months! go for the poP! i cant reccomend it enough! xx
  • Thanks girls...big help!! The Pop it is then!! Its so much easier when you get someone elses opinion.

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