Hi. I have a Morphy Richards one, top of the range, worth about ??100+, (at the time). I inherited it from my hubby's dad who sadly pasted away 3 years ago.
It's the best thing anyone has given me!! It makes all sorts of bread, any size, dough, cakes and Jam!!
The best is the timer delay. I set it at night and in the morning a fresh loaf is ready at about 7.30am. I tell you- I've never seen 3 kids get out of bed so fast to have breakfast. Hot bread with jam. The smell of freshly baked bread in the morning filtering up the stairs is enough to get anyone up, even hubby!!!! A loaf in our house will last about 10 mins if you're lucky!! I also make a few during the week for their sandwiches. The taste is so much better as there are no preservatives like the shops.
Best Buy you'll ever make!!!
Good luck in finding one. Sarah xx
P.s See if you can find one with a delay timer..


  • hi im thinking of getting one but not sure whether its worth it. any recommendations of good breadmaker?
  • ours is a morphy richards fastbake. is was from debenhams about 18months ago, and was about ??40. it came with full instructions and lots of recipies for different breads and for cake!! yes thats right you can make cake in it! what more could you want, in the words of marjorie doors 'oh man i love the cake'
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