Has anyone tried bebe confort loola??

My husband and I have been out looking to buy a pram for our first baby. Did not know it could be so stressful.
Has anyone got or tried a bebe confort loola? We saw it today and liked the idea of the carrycot.
Our original thought was the silvercross 3d system.
Cannot make my mind up and could do with some useful pointers.
Mary xx


  • I'm hoping to buy it for our 2nd baby, due January, I've not tried it out though. There is a new model coming in January with improved features, I put a post about it in this forum earlier today, so it may be worth holding on for that. I won't be buying the carrycot as the new version's seat unit lies completely flat - where the current model is shaped and doesn't lie completely flat.
    Did you like the look of it in the shop? Did it feel heavy or light? Asking as I haven't seen them in any shops round here so haven't been able to have a wee go with it!!
  • Hiya i bought it, wouldn't reccomend it tho!

    its slightly wider than normal prams and it wont go through shop doors without a hassle, the car seat when your baby is in it is really heavy and you have to be superwoman, am not a wimp but i find it hard going! The frame is not that sturdy, go and have a look at reviews!

    i have only had it 6 month, dont do that much walking just average and already the wheels are running down - they are hard plastic, i reccomend that you go for a pram with big rubber wheels!

    and as for the carrycot thats a complete waste of money!
  • I would just add that most car seats are quite heavy, my graco one was a ton weight and I couldn't use it to carry ds beyond 5 months!

    I would agree that the current loola does not seem to have good reviews, but I'm holding out hope for the new one!! Prams with big rubber wheels are good, I've had 2 of them but they are very bulky so unless you have loads of space to spare in your house and boot I wouldn't recommend them.
  • yeah it is good for space saving, i will give it that, its really easy to fold up too!
  • yeah it is good for space saving, i will give it that, its really easy to fold up too!
  • pleased some other people find it wide

    i thought it was just me, i constantly catch displays peoples ankles etc!

    also agree the tyres on mine are well worn after only 7 weeks

    all in all not good and can't reccomend it :x
  • The new loola is meant to be narrower, I don't know about the tyres though.
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