Boots parents and baby club

has any joined? I did.......and i got vouchers for huggies changing bag if i bought a pack of huggies nappies and a free single use camera......when i got up to the till the fella behind the checkout told me that although i was getting the camera for nothing i was still entitled to the buy one get one free offer so got two disposable cameras for nothing (??8.99 each) and a changing bag worth ??24.99 for nothing.........I spent ??52 in there yesterday and with all my freebies and savings i ony paid ??9..........WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!!!...........if you dont belong i recommend joining just for the freebies...........even if you dont need them lol


  • & u get ??5 to spend on make-up, half price on bath essentials for mum & baby & money off coupons!! yes i did the same lol except they sent me 2 advantage cards for some reason lol so i got 2 lots of vouchers soooo as i know il be needing a lot of nappies in 8 weeks time, i got 2 changing bags, 4 cameras, ??10 to spend on make up & half price on stretch mark creams & baby things like talc & shampoo. i 4t id make the most of my vouchers lol & also u get double points if u give in that voucher everytime u spend in boots. wot a bargain!! lol . . theres also the tesco baby club where u buy a pack of nappies & get the basket of baby essentials free.
  • I'm in the tesco baby club but I'll def be joining the boots one as well. Thanks for letting me know


  • Im a member aswell its great!!
    I have had so many vouchers all of which I have used and I received one in the post last week, and all I had to do was by any product from pamper, advent, boots own, heinez and a few more :\)and once you use the voucher once it registers on your card and you get 20% off any products from the above makes indefinatly!!!
    Its great definatley recommend it!!!
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