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Baby Show vs Online after Christmas

As a novice dad-to-be, my Wife and I are planning on going to the baby show in October. Will this be a good place to buy a Cot and Pushchair/Travel System from ?...or will we be better off waiting for Christmas/New Year sales ( fact, do such things even exist for baby kit ?!!).

Bambino isn't due until early March, so we can wait, but I wouldn't want to miss a bargain.


  • Hello, I also am being dragged along to the baby show, i think the best idea is. We park ourselfs in the nearest coffee shop and let them go on the baby run. Yes they do have sales in mothercare etc, we are going along mainly to see if we can get a bargain on a Jane buggy. Like yourselfs we are not expecting untill Feb.

    Have fun baby shopping

    (From her otherhalf)
  • Hey guys,

    The best day to go to the Baby Show is the last day (usually Sunday), as a lot of the stalls reduce their product prices drastically to save them from having to pack everything away again.

    And don't worry you will have a great time, you get loads of freebies. Mostly washing powder and comfort, but that will come in very handy believe me !!

    Take care
  • im thinking of going to one, i think its in november. has anyone been to one before? are they any good?
  • Its this weekend actually, October 17th,18th,19th. there's another one in March I think though.
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