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Hi ladies

Having done a bit of research I have come to the conclusion that for me the most environmentally friendly nappies are eco-nappies (as reusables use so much energy (water, electricity, waste from wahing powder etc etc) and disposables take so long to break down on landfill sites).

I've managed to find some reasonably priced ones but want to know if anyone has ever used either of the brands, they are called Moltex and Bambo. Are these as absorbent as they need to be? How did you find the fit and just what are they like? I have ordered a sample but since my baby isn't here yet I wondered if anyone can share their experience of either of these products.




  • Ive no idea sorry but will be interested to see what you think of them when your lo arrives image
  • Ok Hollys mummy, you can order a free sample of both (up to junior size and they do training pants too) with no delivery charge at:

    Perhaps you will get to try them before me?? They are quite price competive so I think I'll def give them a go provided no one tells me they are awful. It works out at roughly ??25 for 180 nappies if you buy in bulk or ??4.50 for a pack of 28 (for newborns).

  • That seems very good Im off to have a look xxx
  • I've just ordered the free samples. Millie wears reusables most of the time but does wear disposables at night and if we are away from home. I'll give them a try and let you know how we get on. Thanks for the link, I have been wondering about them for a while but I didn't want to buy a whole pack incase they were rubbish!
    Kerry xx
  • I have been using the nature baby nappies you can get them from waitrose or sainsburys they are quite good but not as absorbant as regular disposables.
  • Hi, I tried the free samples off 'Spirit of Nature' & they are both great. The only difference is the look - the Moltex ones have a funny brown colouring which made them look very 'eco'! So I prefered the look of the Bambo ones. I only decided to not buy them as you can only get them on the net & as I use washables mainly it was a lot at the time to fork out on.
    I have tried Nature Babycare ones stocked in Sainsburys & agree that they aren't as absorbent as regular disposables.
    I use the eco diposables in the day if I go out, when I'm at home or mums I use washables & at night I use Pampers Extra Dry as otherwise he would be wet by the morning (pyjamas & all - it's happened!).
    Maybe for baby no.2 I will buy some from 'SoN' as I like to use disposables for the first few weeks after giving birth.

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  • Hi girls,
    I tried the free samples and I agree with frag_jones, they are both pretty good. I prefered the Bambo ones as they seemed to fit better, but I didn't have any leaks in either and Millie wore the Bambo one over night. I also thought that the Moltex ones seemed a bit expensive to me, the Bambo were slightly cheaper. I was impressed enough to have ordered som for Millie for over night and some newborn ones for the first couple of weeks with no. 2 (due 24th)
    Hope that helps
    Kerry xx
  • Fab post. I've been debating reusable nappys for when my aby is born but wanted to use Eco ones initially so that I could get my self sorted into a routine before moving onto reusables. Will take a look and probably order some of the newborn ones. Do you think these are definantly better than the Nature Babycare ones ? I know if I can only order online I'm bound to run out and end up buying some ine the supermarket.
    i also heard about some really good degradable baby wipes that Sainsbury's are about to start stocking in store. S x
  • I noticed that the same website offers babywipes and nappy sacks that are 100% biodegradable.

    Kerry thanks for letting me know. I think I'm def going to go for the Bambo ones, they look nicer aswell as being cheaper. I'm def going to buy some for the first few weeks and see how I get on.

    Thanks ladies xx


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