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I have been thinking of buying a pram from Bambino direct though I have never heard of them before, has anyone else used this company and has any good/bad reviews on them?

Thank you


  • Their site looks ok, but my boss used TwoLeftFeet's website, and they seem to be generally cheaper as well (odd name for the website though !).

    I'll probably use TwoLeftFeet..currently only browsing as 4.5mths to go image
  • Don't use two left feet!!! There have been many, many, complaints about them in the past. They take peoples money for stock that they don't have and only refund when threatened with court action. If you post in the baby forum you will find several people who have had big problems getting stuff from them. Not sure about Bambino direct but Kiddicare ( are brilliant. Good prices and really quick delivery, I've used them loads.
  • Yikes !!....thanks for the tip; I can't believe my boss thought they were ok.
  • Avoid bambino direct too!!

    I was going to start a posts about websites too avoid!

    two left feet probs are ok if you buy from the shop itself. just dont ex[ect anything from the customer service like bedhead said.
    I was thinking of buying a highchair from bambino direct as the prices were good.type in reviwes bamino direct in google and everything is negative...sounds like a duplicate of the services twoleft feet offer!

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  • hi i use precious littleones they r cheap n deliver fast bambino world sold my playpen n it turned up ok but was very long wait never used two left feet??
  • Don't use two left feet. We did and it was months before we got our carry cot and foot muff. They took the money straight away and I was told all was in stock and would come in the next 2-3 days. But no! Everytime I rang it was engaged and I emailed loads. One day the stuff just turned up as we were going to give up and claim the money back from our credit card company!

  • I used Two Left Feet for my travel system, and had no problems at all. But I did go to the shop and order it, not the website.
  • my experience was very negative, they had a car seat cheaper than anyone else, but then said they couldn't honour the price unless I wanted it in a different colour, it took 10 days for them to refund my credit card and 3 days to tell me they couldn't deliver! 2 left feet or kiddicare have been honest, quick and reliable for me
  • Hi I'm new here,just wanna say that Kiddicare is a good site for baby stuff
  • I recently bought a car seat, pushchair and carrycot from Bambino Direct. I waited a couple of weeks and nothing was delivered so rang them up concerned. They said there was a delay with the carrycot. I was annoyed because nobody had informed me. They gave me some dates and after that they kept in touch with me to let me know what was going on. I did wait about 4 weeks for everything to arrive, good job i ordered it in advance. Not 100% happy with them but they proved ok in the end.
  • I've just used kiddiecare. Delivery was fast and prices were great. I will use them again. Also usefull for me, because for a small charge you can get the items delivered on a Saturday, which is great when your at work everyday of the week.
  • Highly recommend kiddicare!
  • I bought a car seat from Bambino.

    it was the cheapest,for the one i wanted. and they delivered when they said they would.

    defv worth a look
  • has anyone used i see my phil and teds vibe with double kit raincover and cocoon for 460.00 best price iv seen it at so far
  • bambino direct ha is a swear word in my house shud be called "no stock direct" they are a joke never ever have the stock they claim they have and never let u know either and wen u ring up to enquire theyre soooo rude they clearly couldnt care less about customer care! there are a few people who recieve from them and are happy but they are definately in the minority. so in conclusion bambino direct save yr self the disappointment and just dont bother!!!!
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