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Pram advice...chicco trio

Hi all, i'm due with our first baba girl on 29th April 2009. so looking forward to it but i want to make the right choice regarding the pram. I drive so am looking at a travel system pram. I'm only small 5ft 2, so dont really want a large pram/ or a bulky pram. I have seen the following pram, just wanted to know if anybody has puchased one and what they are like.

Chicco Trio For Me Auto-Fix Top princess pink, limited addition
Any advice would be appriecated.

Thanks Emma


  • hi i am guessing by the fact this one stands out to you you are after exactly what i am after in a pushchair!! the trio seemed like the best system because of the size and in my view the fact its rear facing and has the option for the seperate handles, which most don't. what put me off was the price as its quite a new wasn't worth it to me as i don't drive so i have gone for the babystyle lux 2 s3d which is very similar to the newer pliko. i think if you can justify the cost the trio is good but not much feedback around as its new so maybe look at the new pliko or the babystyle lux 's as they are very similar in style. it seems very hard to find a rear facing pushchair option with the seperate handles!! good luck and if you can try to find it in a shop to play with first!!
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