Mamas & Papas ultima x-cel

Hi there

happy monday all

has anyone got a Mamas & Papas Ultima X-cel?? I have fallen in love with it just wandering what its like to use any points tips greatly appreciated as really scared about making a blunder!

The car seat looks good as it clicks right in the car with the base etc??

cheers ladies I trust you more than the sales guy!!:lol:



  • Hi

    I have one.

    It is a lovely pram (i love the wheels and the whole style of it), its great how everything clicks on & off. The car seat clicking onto the chassis is really handy if your just popping into town/shopping etc. Its also lovely to push on long walks and really sturdy. All other feature etc are great, like the adjustable handle, large shopping tray, the bottom of the carrycot can be altered so that the babies head can be slightly raised (which came in handy for me as lo had reflux) and loads more....

    BUT (personally) i found it really bulky! I dont have a car at the moment so travel on the bus alot and its a pain in the bum getting on & off, my sister has a golf and it just about fits in the boot of her car. I also had trouble going round some shops, i was forever crashing into things!

    I bought mine 2nd hand, which looking back now i'm pleased about, as my little one is 6 months old now and i've been out and spent ??150 on a new Luna pushchair to make my life easier.

    Good Luck making a decision image Have you been and had a go of one @ M&P.


  • Hi there

    thanks so much for that, the size of it feels an issue as i use the train alot?

    Popping into town later to have a play properly as hubby rushed me last time..he is obsessed with the mountain buggy but i can't find anyone who has experience of this one so I would really appreciate a personal really helps to see how other mummy's have found bits of kit etc so many thanks for posting a reply!

    love L x
  • you could get it with the mpx chassis
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