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Buggy/travel systerm help

Hi everyone
We're looking for a travel system, went into toy'r'us yesterday and they were really helpful but it is such a minefield.
We don't want to spend loads but at same time want a good quality system that will last us for at least 2 baby's.

We are going to need one with good suspension as our terrain will be quite rough but needs to be quite compact also.
We tried the Graco system but it was too wide for one of our cars. Really need something that folds in.
Want a system that lets you have baby facing you as an option.

Can anyone advise of what we should be looking at?



  • we had exactly the same problem, the black graco tour one ticked all the boxes but didnt fit in boot. well after much arguing we got it anyway, got it home and oh got it in car. we have totake parcel shelf out cos we only got a 206 and boot is ickle, but we decided the pram was a bargain at 229.99 was 279.99 and really liked that in carrycot baby faced us and it would make a good buggy in summer.

    we decided that the parcel shelf was worth sacrifcing for the pram as when we get a bigger car it shouldnt be a problem...

    sorry if not much help but dont rush into it and really think about what is important to you when picking your pram!

    holly xxx
  • Thanks Holly
    are you happy with it all in all?
    I will be changing my car in the spring, noit sure what for yet so at least we can get it to fit in one car even though it doesn't fit in hubbies.

    Do you know how long it can be used for?
    It looks quite roomy.
  • hi em

    im very happy with it, its a very good offer and u dont see it everywhere like u do they grey/beige/brown always seeing people with that one!
    its a good size and i like how the carry cot makes it snug for lo.

    i intend to make it last for as long as needed cos as a pushchair its quite good too. probably buy a cheap buggy for car the summer after next for practicality though.

    if u find the one u want just think about how often and when u r gonna actually put it in the car. when u go food shopping u can put car seat on trolley etc...

    hope this helps?!
  • hi i had a pramette from mamas and papas travel system i really love my pram and lo is 5 mths now and still lies in pram easy to switch to pushchair did this on hols in the day back to pram for night so he could sleep we only got a small 2 door clio fitted in that (just) xxx happy hunting
  • How about the Jane Carrera that is fab, umbrella fold, can use from birth or use the rebel or matrix to make it a travel system?

    If you use the matrix you can make it rear facing for at least a year too. Fits in my tiny boot too.
  • hi
    We have Britax Vigour 3. It has 3 wheels (pneumatic tyres) and is great for rough terrain. It folds down flat and the wheels can come off if you want to make it more compact. So far we've only used the carry cot with the wheel base. The push chair we've not used yet (LO is 4 months and cannot yet sit up) but it can face either forwards or backwards. Quite pricey but so are all the others. Fortunately for us, it was a present from gran.
  • Thanks everyone, great to get some useful info, I will look at all of them and give them a wirl.

  • i've got the britax voyaga ultra travel system quite gd value for money bought mine from in the end, when they had one of there 20% off wkends and paid just over 200 quid. You get a carrycot (so the baby can face you), raincover, drink holder/tray, changing bag and the carseat all included. it's sturdy but lightweight and very good suspension and whats most useful is the changeable handle height (im 5ft and husband is 6ft4)

    it'll deffinatly last us untill my son no longer needs wheels. It doesnt fold down all that small but the wheels do come off aparently! Fits in the back of my mums fiesta no probs and i will defintly be using it for baby no 2 in a few years time.

    Would recomend once you've found the travel system you want type its name into a internet search engine and find the site with the best price.

    i visited toys r us and talked to the staff and had a good play around with the buggy, tried it in the car, walked it round the store etc. Then went home looked up reviews and searched the net for a bargin.

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  • hi all, i had the bebeconfort loola, the baby can face you and away up untill 4 years old or untill the child is to big for the pushchair, you can buy the carrycot and car seat to match, suitabe from birth, also had the silvercross 3d pramette but didint like the fact once the baby is too big for the pram liner the child has to face away from you, so it went back as my baby was too long for the liner by 4 months old
    hope it helps, good look with your choice

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