Silver Cross 3D Pram - To Buy or Not to Buy?

Hi I am in desperate need of help, I am having my first baby and none of my friends have any children so I am hoping someone here can help!

I havent a clue which pram to get.. im looking for a pram which is not too heavy, good quality and comfy for my Little One! From my research there have been mixed reviews about the 3D Pram by Silvercross.. have you used it? I would love to hear your thoughts and if there is an alternative which is suitable for use from birth to toddler.

Many thanks !! xx


  • I have the Silver Cross 3d Pram and I love it. My lo is now 9 months and I find it very comfortable for her and have done from birth. It is a bit heavy but you get used to it. There probably are lighter prams out there but I don't see it as a problem with this pram. The carry cot part is great when they are small but beware that if you have a big baby they won't be able to use this for very long as they will outgrow it. Kara was a prem baby and quite small so I got to use this part for ages. She buggy part is really comfortable and so is the car seat. Any other questions you have about it feel free to ask.

    I am not sure of any other alternative as I wasn't really looking at any others.
  • I was the same as Louise, I only ever seriously looked at hte 3d because it did everything I wanted it to. My LO is 3 months and still fits in the pram liner but won't for much longer but he has had shots in the buggy side and doesn't look too small and is really comfy. Only thing I would say it is heavy to lift in the boot of the car but it isn't heavy to push. It is lovely to stear around and copes with uneven grass too. It is a little heavier to push with the car seat on. I love the different colours too. I have pistachio but if I was buying it this year I'd get the black denim, so sexy! lol if you can say that about a pushchair! It does take up quite a bit of room in my boot (an astra) and the carseat only fits in cars with longish seatbelts so make sure you go get fitted for it properly.

    I love my 3d and it is a really good buy as it does all the way thru. There are a lot of placed doing deals on them just now too so do a search and it could save you quite a bit of money.
  • Thanks for the comments.. any chance anyone tried the Silvercross Sleepover Linear? That too seems really nice but I've noticed that when you come to pack it away you have to unclip the carrycot and later on the pram to fold it... is that annoying?
  • My SIL has the sleepover. It is more like a traditional pram so is bigger to store. One good thing is the car seat goes straight on the chassis so if you dont have room in your boot for the carrycot just leave it at home!
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