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Did anyone else go too the baby show at Excel at the weekend?

To be honest I was dissapointed by the lack of deals and offers available and hardly bought anything. Although i did think the range of products was good too browse.


  • I went on Sunday and I must admit I was really disappointed. I have been to three of them now and the last one at Earls Court was so much better in comparison. Normally I come home with bags of freebies. This time I came home with next to none. Huggies are normally there and they give away loads of free nappies, but they were only giving away swim nappies and had a tiny stall in comparison to last year.
    I was also disappointed by the lack of photo opportunities for baby as well. There was only the one run by Prima. Last time Huggies and Comfort Pure had photos which were really good.

    Will think twice before going again, mind you the pick and mix did a roaring trade !!
  • It was a terrible experience, if its not earls court I would be going bac. At least I won't have to make a long journey
  • Glad it wasn't just me. I looked at it, we paid over ??30 to get the three of us in. Cost ??10 for parking, would have been less if I knew it we weren't going to be in there for very long, but they make you pay before you go in.

    There was a really usefull parking attendant who let us and loads of other cars go the wrong way. Then when we did get in there was a sign for the baby show and a beauty show, then two arrows pointing each way, but nothing to say which arrow was for which!?!?

    With the lack of bargins in there, I doubt very much that we will bother going again.
  • Kayla - I hope you're well, I saw those pendants and thought they were really sweet, but forgot to go back and get one made! can you remember the name of the company? Thought it was something like fingerprint silver?! but could be very wrong - if you have the contact details still would you forward them to me?
    lol sarahx
  • Hi there -
    I went and thought it was absolutely rubbish - My big purchase is going to be a pram - and there just wasn't the choice - apart from on two stalls which were over run by people so it was impossible to see/judge prams.
    I really thought main pram companies would have their own stalls. I won't be going to one of these again!
    As this is my first baby - I would have been more than happy to part with money had there been for e.g advice on what are vital purchases for a new Mom.
    No freebies either - which I didn't go for - but would have been a bonus and taken the sting out of an expensive and rubbish day out!

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