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nursing bras

Hi everyone
I know people have been asking for reasonable priced nursing bras and I just got back from my local tesco where I didn't realise they do them there, they are only basic, plain with the drop down clips style but are easy to handle and the best bit they are ??5 and come in white or black. I tried one on but with 6 weeks to go I thought I wait a few more weeks to make sure I get the best size.

Em x


  • im currently size 32F and im struggling to find anywhere that stocks my size. and im only 28 weeks PG. how much bigger will they get ?! i was a 32C before i was PG. !!!! argh.
  • Hi Spongebob
    I know it's amazing how much they grow, but I believe the last few weeks are where they really put in their growth spurt and when the milk comes in a few days after birth, I was 34 B/C before getting pregnant, haven't been measured properly but it looks like I'm now a 38 D. I found the best I used during pregnancy was to get some stretchy support bras as they seemd to have grown with me without too much of a problem and they were cheap too.

    Em x
  • Spongebob, I sympathise. I'm currently a 38G, and I'm only 20 weeks, and dread to think how much more they're going to grow! It's really hard finding nursing bras or maternity bras in my size, and I'm having to keep wearing underwired bras, as the few I can get without wire just don't support me at all, and are very uncomfortable. My midwife said it shouldn't be a problem though, so I'm trusting her on this one! won't want wire for nursing though, I'm sure, so if anyone sees a nursing bra range in G or H cups, let me know!

  • Hi

    I am 36G - M & S do nursing bras that size as do Mothercare. You wont find any with an underwire though. Bravissimo do nicer ones but they are a little dearer.

  • Hi ladies

    Just thought I'd let you know that I bought some really nice Emily B lingerie in the sale. I'm a 32D at the moment but I think they go up to a g cup and do 30 - 38 back sizes. They have nursing bras and maternity bras and they are very pretty. Best of all, I got my nursing bras for ??8.50 and the pants for ??2.50 reduced. Have a peep and see what you think.

  • Forgot to say click on the sale shop link on the left if you're strapped for cash like me. x


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