maclaren quest or silver cross pop

just wondering if anyone has these strolllers and which they think is best, i'd like to get a stroller in the next month or so and these are the two i'm down to, all comments welcome8\)


  • i had this exact same debate myself! i ended up choosing a quest because it was in the sale but the brakes are really annoying me! i've it since 1st jan and they have become quite stiff and it's really difficult to put the brake on now, i can't do it from behind the buggy i have to do it from the side if you know what i mean! apart from that it's been great so far! and i prefer the way the seat reclines on the quest. how old is your lo? if quite young then i would get the pop as it lies right back whereas the quest doesn't go as far back

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  • We have the Quest and we've found it really good. Our lo was about 9 months when we got it and he seems to like being in it. He sleeps in it fine but I agree that if its for a younger baby try and get a stroller that lies flat. The shopping basket is a bit hard to access when the seat is reclined but I think you'll find that with most strollers. All in all I'd definately recommend the Quest.
    Vic xx
  • We have had 2 Quests and I would def recommend them. However I have had the breaks fail with both of them so it must be a design fault. They work ok for the first yr or so, then they get really stiff and become hard too put on. Apart from that you really can't fault them. Light, easy to manouver, ideal buggy for the car, or holidays abroad, easy to get on and off public transport and they really do last.
  • my lo is nearly 6 months, i have a loola at the mo and dont really need a stroller as it does the job, but it is heavier than the stroller type buggy, i'll deliberate some more i think, i've seen someone with a pop at baby clinic i'll ask them what their opinion is of it maybe try it.
    cheers for your input ppl image
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