Baby Bouncer For New Born.. which one?!

Hi all, I`m looking at getting a bouncer for my new born.. any recommendations? I havent a clue where to start or even what to look out for! any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you x


  • I have the fisher price kick & play bouncer and it is great...

    It was recommended to me by a friend and I stupidly went and bought the Think Pink bouncer (also by fisher price) as I wanted a pink one for my little girl. This was fine to begin with, Isabelle was happy to sit in it from when she was very young but as she got older her legs stuck over the end (this is the Think Pink one by the way) and she kept kicking and in the end she actually hurt her feet on the plastic bit. So I went and got the Kick & Play one, and I should have just got that one from the beginning, the toys on it are great and really entertaining and as they kick it makes noises and lights up lights. I realise you don't need this to begin with but they grow so quick that you should think about what they might like when they are 4/5/6 months!! It was a costly mistake and I should have just taken the advice I was given!!! But you live and learn!!
  • I have the think pink bouncer and its ok my lo is 6 months but I wouldnt reccomend it. I find that it sweats her a bit because its plastic so next time I will deffo buy one with a breathable material. Funnily enough my lo doesnt like the toy bar as she likes to see whats going on lol Just goes to show you how different babys are. Have fun shopping xxx
  • My sister has the I Love My Bear vibrating bouncer from Toys R Us and her newborn loves it! In fact my mum's bought one for her house and has promised to get me one too. It's fabric so it won't have the sweat problem, has a hood and a toy bar. Oh and it's currently reduced in their sale!
  • I have the fisher price rainforest one and jayden loves it.when looking about for one this one caught my eye and i bought it straight away.
    Its great colourful musical and vibrates
  • We have the bog standard yellow mothercare one..its not fancy, it vibrates but thats about it. It was just fine for us though - and we used to put different toys on the toy bar. Its a good size, lo was still fitting in it recently at 6 months old
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