Dry, cracked and sometimes even bleeding hands


Has anyone got any splendid ideas (preferably cheap) on how to treat my seriously dry hands caused by the constant washing from having a newborn and a potty training toddler?

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  • Get some cotton moisturiser gloves from the bodyshop and before you go to bed cover your hands in vaseline then put the gloves on - you'll look like a sleeping Michael Jackson but it works and its cheap!
  • Generations of women have sworn by Atrixo handcream - you can buy little pots or tubes for your handbag and a great big tub for your home and it's not very expensive either - my hands went really dry at one stage earlier in my pregnancy - very dry, cracked and slight bleeding like you - so I digged out the Atrixo (I had some anyway) and now I'm super soft again image
  • http://www.spacenk.co.uk/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=0031/4455/19204/&cid=B0031SKINHANDS&language=en-GB

    Keihls ultimate strength hand salve is wonderful, it's not cheap and can be difficult to get hold of, but I really can not recommend it highly enough.
    I have always had cracked, very sore hands and suffer with eczema/dermatitis, which got worse with pregnancy. My doctor said I could use Hydrocortisone as they were very bad, but I really wasn't keen and this product has been an absolute godsend, it has really sorted my hands out.

    The reason I tried it was because I also have blepharitus which makes my eyes really dry and swollen (ooh, don't I sound like a sex-kitten, covered in eczema with red, flaky eye lids) which last year were flaring up every 5 weeks or so, but since using kiehls avocado eye cream I haven't had a single reoccurrence, so maybe their products just agree with me.
  • OILATUM!! I swear by it. Particularly the bath formula. I had dermatitis a few years ago and 2 doctors told me I would always suffer from it. I suffered with sore dry hands for 2 years until one doctor suggested oilatum. I almost didnt try it thinking that something so cheap couldn't possibly solve such a horrible problem. It cleared it up within a week and i've not suffered since. If i start getting dry skin i just pop a bit in the bath one night and it sorts it out. They sell it at Boots. Good luck xx
  • Aveeno. My friend has really bad excema on her hands and this helped a lot. Made from oats in the recipe somewhere so quite gentle too. Maybe soak hand for 5 mins in warm wtare and porridge oats can help to soothe them. Faining that see gp, remember free prescriptions still.
    Filo x
  • I had really dry hands from all the washing of bottles etc and the first thing I did was change the washing up liquid I use. I bought some of the new Fairy clean & care washing up liquid and it is really great. I also use a new hand cream from vaseline for dry hands (can't remember the exact name but it is in a white tube with green writing). My hands feel so much better now and it didn't cost a fortune to do so.
  • If you havent already sorted this try

    Boots - Olive Chamomile Wheat Germ Pregnancy Wonderbalm

    I had tried loads of stuff to try to get rid of my lizard hands but this is the only stuff thats any good.
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