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Well having done the buggy I've now moved on to the changing bag and discovered there's just as much choice when it comes to changing bags! :roll: :\? The SkipHop range seem popular or are they over-rated? Any suggestions, tips, comments on the various bags avaiable, good and bad features, etc would be much appreciated. :\?


  • If u want a free one join the boots parenting club and they give u a voucher for one, i've heard people say it's alrite. I've also hear OiOi bags r good but they're quite expensive, depends how much u want to spend tho
  • I had to answer this question. I have had a few changing bags, but by far the best one is the skip hop that i have at the moment. As long as your buggy has separate handles it fits so well. (It does slide down a bit if not). It is positioned well on the buggy so you have stuff at a handy level rather than having to bend over to find that nappy right at the bottom of the bag!!!! It has lots of different compartments to put things in and is hard wearing. If you are going somewhere without the buggy then you just clip the strap on it. Even better i bought mine with boots points!!!! This was one off my best buys though.
  • Thanks ladies - I saw that Boots were doing one with the Parenting club this year but you have to buy some Pampers nappies to get it and I refuse out of principal to succumb to the Pampers marketing ploy - I don't agree with disposables so it would be hypocritical of me to buy them to get a free bag.

    I am prepared to spend a reasonable sum (say up to ??45-??50) on a bag if it does/has everything I need and is reasonably stylish although I'm not prepared to spend silly money on designer types (I'm not that trendy anyway!)
  • I had an Oioi messenger bag which was fantastic and fitted really well over the handles on the bugaboo, I found that the handle bar adjusters stopped it from falling down but they have changed these so it might be worth checking if your is the newer design. I think the Skiphop would fit in the same way. My mum bought me a very lovely Storksac bag for my 30th earlier this year which also fits very well but was very expensive. One thing I would say if you are planning on using reusable nappies is to make sure you go for a decent sized bag, Millie is in reusables and if we go out for a whole day I can only just fit everything in, if I needed to get bottles in as well I would have to take an extra bag and both of my changing bags have been pretty big. Hope that helps
  • That's really helpful Bedhead - I'll remember that when we're looking at them in town. I hate having to carry bags around so want to be able to limit the kit to stuff that fits in the changebag and underseat bag. If the kits gets any bigger I'll have to get hubby a manbag and I'm not sure how he'll feel about that!

    If we were going to a function or something like that I might consider using the naturecare disposables but if its ordinary out and about would like to make the effort to stick to the resuables. How do you tend to carry your soiled nappies if you're out and about? I see Bambino Mio sell a sort of wetbag thing - have you got one of those or do you do something else?
  • I've got a wet bag, I think it might be made by tots bots but most of the nappy manufacturers do one. The one I've got will take about 5 nappies so it is big enough if we go to my mum and dads for the weekend. I've actually not been using the reusables that long, we were all set up before Millie was born but when she was 3 months old we went away and she had to wear disposables for a week, when we got home she refused to go back in the cloth and just winged when we tried. I tried again a few times and then about a month ago, bingo, she went back to them quite happily! I can honestly say that they are no more trouble when you are out than disposables, you just need to be a bit more organised and they take up more room. Needless to say now I am washing nappies anyway this baby isn't getting a choice, he'll wear the cloth ones lol
  • That's great to know image
  • Hi I've been looking at babymel bags there about ??45-50 depending on style. Has anyone got one? I'll have a look at the skip hop ones to. I didn't want to spend too much I've seen some and there over ??100!!! xxx
  • thanks for the info bedhead re reusable nappies. Changing bags seem to have got more variety over the years! Like redpod I ahve got the pushchair just after the changing bag. Gong to buy a pack of newborn pampers for in hospital and get the free changing bag. then once out of hospital will use reusable ones. as i think it will be extra work getting used to them in hospital. Unless anybody else thinks differently and can opffer suggestions?
  • I'm still undecided about nappies would love to do reusable but worried about the hassle with 2 other kids too and a dog and 3 cats - hectic house - anyway just bought the pampers pack for the hospital and got the free pampers bag in boots - it's quite nice actually - lots compartments which I was surprised it had. I'd love an oioi bag but can't really justify ??55.00 at the moment for a bag.
  • I actually really like the free Boots bag, but the only thing I don't like is the 'U' type zip. It limits the amount of things you can put in. Maybe I try and stuff too much in my bag, but I'd much prefer a straight zip. I am yet to find a changing bag that I like and can fit all my stuff in though. So until then, I am still using my free one from Boots! I really would like a bag that not every other mum has and don't mind spending a bit on it, but I just can't find one :\(
  • I have got 2 Boots freebies. I leave one in the car and one on the bottom of the buggy in the tray. It is a good freebee but I am looking for a less cumbersome one. I combination feed my twins so need bottle space, use 'sposies whilst out, and both my twins have reflux so need to pack changes of clothing. My ideal would be like the Boots one (without the bottle holder - not at all useful IMO) but I would carry a very small handbag with phone, purse etc that I could shove in the changing bag. I looked in Primark at their beach bags and may get one of those to use with the Boots changing mat as I wont need the compartments if I have a handbag too.
  • I finally found a changing bag that fits my needs! image It's from Toys R Us, Bruin , Ultralight shoulder bag for ??29.99. I'm not sure if only Toys R Us do it. It's really light, bigger and longer than the free Boots bag, so I can fit a lot more bottles in a row rather than stacking them. Has loads of compartments, changing mat and mess bag. It's just what I was looking for. Apart from I disagree with MERLYPUSS. I loved the bottle holder in the free Boots bag, it kept my flask upright and made sure there weren't any leaks - on the odd chance I didn't have many bottles in the bag. There is a compartment for a flask in the Bruin, but it's too small for my flask, as I need a lot of water as I go out for long days...

    Also, I got a voucher from being a Gold Card member with Toys R Us, spend ??30 and get ??5 off, so I used that too, so my bag was only ??25! I did have to find something to make up to ??30 though!!! :roll:
  • hi i love caboodle bags!!! but id love a yummy mummy bag from pink lining but they cost 65+ n oh says no!!!! chellebell if u got dogs make sure u put reusables straight in nappy soak. as my chiuaua can smell a damp nappy as soon as i put my bag down n goes mad tring to tear it up or chew on it but i guess if i used dispossables hed do the same n then id have those gross nappy crystals to contend with lol
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