bibs with padded collar

I just want to tell people how useful padded collar bibs are. The ones I got are Tommee Tippee ones that I bought in Tescos. The padded collar goes all round the neck and catches all the dribbles and milk spills, so none gets to the neck and neck creases. My lo's only 15 weeks and he dribbles more and better than premier league footballers! ha ha :lol:


  • I got some of them too coz I thought they looked a good idea knowing how dribbly my 1st was in the early days. Glad you've found them good, I havent had a chance to try mine out yet as baby isnt due til monday

    Hilary x
  • i have these & they really do save the coller of lo's clothes. I see the tescos ones are much cheaper than TT ones but are basically the exact same design. I would def stock up on more if I was doing it all again as the ones with poppers & no padding are crap for dribbles.
  • i went to buy them from boots - thought they were ??3.99 for 3 and when i went to pay for them they were ??7.49 so i decided against it (am a cheap skate)!
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