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Car Seat for an Audi A3 Sportback


I am looking for the next car seat (9+ month) for my daughter but am having problems finding a seat that will fit my Audi A3 Sportback - has anyone found a car seat that fits (ideally IsoFix)?

I have tried the Britax Fit Finder on their website but the lady at Mothercare today said it didn't fit as well as she thought it should.


Thanks! :\)


  • Have you tried your local Audi dealer? They do a range of car seats that are designed to fit in Audis and didn't seem overly expensive compared to Maxi Cosi/Britax etc. I could be wrong as we're not ready for a Stage 1 seat yet but when we are, hubby is planning to get the Audi ones for his car xxx
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