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white noise/comfort toys


i've just been on an antenatal course and i've heard that there are teddies that have pre-recorded white noise or sounds of the womb to comfort new born babies and help them sleep. Has anyone used anything like this and could give me any pointers???
many thanks image


  • Hi i got one of these when archie was 5wks old, i had read about them when i was preg but forgot bout it till i saw one in boots, decided to get one but got it off ebay for 8quid. Full price in shops are 35. They are good to help settle baby, i would def get one i thought they were good. The proper name is the prince lionheart slumber bear. Hope this helps. Ami
  • Hi Ami

    thanks for the info. i like the look of the bear as it comes in different colours too!!

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