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Anyone thinking of getting an icandy apple or cherry?

Just a quick note to say I know someone who can get these brand new.

Prices are

Apple with cot - ??300
Cherry with cot ??200

It's a lady who got me my icandy Pear brand new. She lives in London so you can either collect or she will courier. Email me if you want anymore info!


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  • yeah hello am very interested.
  • Hi ,
    yes more inof would be great was looking at the icandy apple.
    Dani 31 weeks
  • I've emailed you ladies xx
  • Hi again,

    sorry I misplaced the email. Did you purchase from this lady and is everything above board? Was it all boxed when you received it?
    Sorry to be a pain thanks again Dani 33 weeks
  • Extremely interested! have been debating between icherry and loola up..price might swing it though! Cheers Snow Angel xx
  • I'd email you KatiEDD06_07 but there's no link to email you! If you need any info, email me. xx
  • Hi yes, i am very intrested, thank you
  • I am definitely interested! Love the icandy apple but the RRP is a bit pricey. Pls send me details xxxx
  • hi all, just wanted to say I was also consedering the icandy apple, but the big price was a drawback specially as I had already bought a pram, haven't we all gone throught a few before finding that just great one? anyway after a lot of searching I came acroos mia moda allegria and just can't belive how similar it is to the icandy apple at a fraction of the price, I'm certainly really pleased, just wish i had bought it sooner, my dd loves it ( she use to hate the pliko, taking her out was a nightmare...)
  • If anyone is interested please email me as some of your don't have email links on your messages.

  • Hi,
    I am interseted also.

  • Email me if you want her contact info. I don't want to put her details online thanks xx
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