Quinny Buzz or phil and teds?? Help cant decide!!

Hi everyone...after some advice on the Quinny Buzz and the Phil and Teds sport buggies.
I was going to buy a phil and teds but then I saw the Quinny Buzz and now I am torn between the two!!!
Can anyone help me decide??
The phil and Teds looks sturdy compared to the Buzz but I own a Corsa and think the Buzz might fit in the boot better. Plus I have bought a maxi cosy car seat and see that this will fit on the buzz. But I like the cocoon that the phil and teds will take in the fold down bit at the back for a new born.
Do people think you should also buy the Buzz Dreami carrycot for baby to lie flat for longer walks than a quick trip round ASDA in the car seat on Buzz wheels? Could double as a moses basket for new borns sleep instead of having to buy one maybe :\?
Any advice appreciated
Liz XX


  • I've no experience of the Quinny Buzz but I've got a Phil & Ted Sport & absolutely love it. I think I read on one of the posts on here before that someone had a corsa & it fitted in the boot ok. I know it does fold up quite small. I wish that I'd bought it with my 1st coz I'd have saved a fortune coz I would only have had to buy the doubles kit at ??60 instead of a whole new pram so that would be something worth considering if you were planning on having anymore. All in all though I cant fault the Phil & Ted Sport

    Hilary x
  • I've got a Quinny Buzz and I love it. We opted not to get a Dreami carrycot as we figured we could always buy it later if need be, however i did think about using it as a moses basket too. I soon changed my mind when I went to Mothercare to have a look at it - it's really heavy and with the weight of a baby on top, it'd just be too much to use as a moses basket, carrying it up and down stairs etc. Our Maxi cosi is ideal for our little one, we make sure he's wrapped up warm and he loves it in there - goes into a really deep sleep!
  • hi, i have the phil and teds and i don't know what i'd have done wihout it!!!
    my baby will be 3 wks on thurs and my other son is 20 months so i had to get it although i wasn't too keen on it, but now i love it it's great to push. it fits in my boot i have a peugeot 306 not sure what the difference is with a corsa though!!!
    good luck choosing xxx
  • Sorry to hi-jack the thread a bit but I have just noticed Michelle's reply. I am expecting again in June when my lo will be 20 months and I just wondered what pushchair you had before and how easy it is to get two in the Phil and Ted? The idea of a double buggy is making my head hurt so any feedback would be fab.
  • I have a Quinny Buzz and I love it!! i have a MINI and it fits in the boot of that easily so it does fold very small!! I bought the dreami carrycot to use it as a moses basket but as Trackieann says it is really heavy!! I don't carry it up and down stairs though as Poppy had a swinging crib in our room. I hope to still be able to use it in the winter as when I've used it to take her for a walk with the dog she's looked so cosy in it! My advice on the carrycot would be to buy it from e bay as they aren't very big and Poppy is only 8 weeks but I can't see her being comfortable in it for too much longer if she keeps growing at the rate she currently is!! I only paid ??60 for mine and it was as good as new!
    The maxi cosi car seats are well padded and she looks so comfy in there and falls fast asleep as soon as I put her in it! I have no idea what the Phil & Teds is like but I love my Buzz and think it's well worth the money!
    Happy picking!
  • hi kerry,
    i just used a single a cheapy buggy for my son when he was on his own, but went for the phil and teds cos i had used a side by side double buggy when he was born and my other son was 2 and 4 months at that time (he will be 4 next wk), and that was a right pain it was really heavy awkward to get in and out of shops so i really didn't want to get another one (i sold it before i found out i was pregnant again)!!!!
    the phil & teds is lighter and so much nicer to push, but when i first put my son in it in the toddler seat on top, he screamed cos he was so high up compared to the buggy. i got the cocoon for the baby which is great and baby settles really well in it. it is quite expensive but well worth it. i have been told to go for the darker colours though cos the sand and the apple tend to look dirty quicker!! i have a red one but there is a new camo blue one and apparently a camo pink is coming out too but not sure when. xx if you want to know anything else just ask xxx
  • i love my phil and teds and dont know how i would have managed without it, it is fab as a doulble pushchair coz it is much lighter and slimmer than most doubles, having said that i had a quinny freestyle 3xl which is similar to the buzz but with a bigger front wheel when i needed just a single and i loved that too so i guess im not much help really.
  • I have the Buzz and i love it, would def recommend the carrycot, my little man is 15 weeks and stil fits in it and it keeps him so warm and i tried him in main pushchair bit and he was too open to the elements at his young age.
    a couple of thjings to consider tho. . . i have a clio and to get it in the boot i have to take the wheels of which can be very time consuming especially in the rain when the wheels are wet.
    secondly the seat isn't very deep and therefore won't last as long as some of the other pushchairs as baby will grow out of it.

    however all in all i love it.

    p.s have you seen the new Herbie pushchair mamas and papas are doing it looks great and very like the buzz could be worth having a look at.
  • hi bed head i too have been looking at loads of doubles as oliver will be about 19m when lo arrives, im thinking of getting the icandy pear as like phil and teds it goes back to a single, the seat isnt as lo down as on the phil and teds though hope that helps a bit. xxx
  • Cheers Kirst3, I'm starting to think that I might manage with my current single and a sling if I need to go anywhere that space will be and issue and then buy a big 3 wheel twin for all the walking I do. I will definately have a look atthe I-candy when it comes out though. Thanks Michelle for your feedback as well, it's so hard to tell just from looking at them in shops!
  • Hi - I have the Phil & Ted as I have two small ones - if you are planning to have 2 children close in age, then this will be the best bet. It is a very good buggy, however, my personal fave is a Mountain Buggy - that's what i had for my first and I still have it, I refuse to sell it. Even my other half, says it is the better of the two (the P&T serves a purpose for 2 children and is slim). The mountain buggy also can be purchased with a carry-cot, which is fab and my children have slept in this for the first few months of their lives. I highly recommend this buggy to all. We have an Audi A3, and by removing the back wheels (simple, one push to remove) it fitted in the boot and along with the carry cot.
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