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Mutsy 3 / 4 rider

Has anyone got any experience with the Mutsy 3 or 4 riders? Saw the 4 rider yesterday with OH and really liked it. Have read some reviews which say it is heavy but I didn't think it was too bad. The lady in the shop said that the pushchair seat wasn't suitable until 6 months but it lies quite flat and don't know if I want the expense of buying the carrycot too. I was thinking of getting the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix carseat to go with it.

Didn't see the 3 rider but know it is available and like the idea of a 3 wheeler more.

Oooh, feel like I am going around in circles with this pushchair buying malarky and am starting to worry as I only have 9 weeks to go!



Well, I bought the 4-rider and have used it since my baby's birth in August 2008. I love it!! I bought the chassis and seat new but bought a second-hand carrycot from e-bay (well worth it as the carrycot is quite expensive and I tended to only use it for long walks). I also bought the maxi-cosi car seat and adapters for the chassis. I used the car seat and adaptors most of the time. I started putting lo in the seat at about 5 months.

The chassis moves really well. The swivel wheels are great and yesterday we locked the wheels to go for a walk across the beach and it drove like a dream.

It is really easy to collapse and put up, although I must admit I haven't tried it with the seat on yet - I think you can only collapse it with seat facing forward and I am still using it facing me. I can fit the chassis in the boot of our golf and civic with the seat placed on top, I don't need to take the wheels off.

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  • HI,

    I have the 3-rider and love it!! I had the chassis, car seat and carry cot. The only thing I didn't like was that you had to take the carry cot off to put it down (you don't with the buggy bit on) and teh chassis is quite bulky and I have to take the front wheel off to get it all in the boot of my focus, so a big-ish boot is needed.

    It does lie quite flat, I was told that if you have the cosy-toes on a smaller baby would be OK in it, but I tended to use the car seat more often unless we were going to be out for a while. then I used the carry cot.

    But as I said I love mine, it's defo a head turner, DS is now 1 and we have bought a cheaper/smaller buggy but I still use my Mutsy all the time and am thinking of investing in the fun seat aswell.

    Check out They've got them both on there.image

    Hope that helps!


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