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Im out of control buying baby things!!!

Someone stop me, im 29 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and i have completly ignored my moms advice and i have bought SO many baby things, especially clothes. He will never get to wear them all but i cant stop! Has anyone else done this?! Or is it just me being clothes obsessed? I have spent so much money, especially on designer baby clothes which i know i shouldnt have. I think i have a problem!
Im just so excited to be having my baby, this is my way of celebrating (sounds like im trying to justify it now)


  • If you can afford it then who cares? My sister told me it doesn't matter how many clothes my baby has already (26+5 weeks), they puke & poo so much that I will have to change him a couple of times a day anyway but I have to admit I don't like the idea of new borns wearing adult style clothes so mine are all baby grows, sleepsuits & "soft" outfits like 2 peice baby grow outfits & dungarees made from baby soft material, no jeans or "proper" clothes and def no hard shoes only booties.

    I think it is normal to be excited with your first, we are moving a month before my due date so I am holding off of going mental but that is just cause I don't want to move it but I know that once we move I will go on overdrive again as the nursery will be set up & it will tempt me too much to stock up on more stuff. image

  • I totally agree, i have bought soft denim only, all his "proper" clothes are for 6-9 months. I have bought 90% of clothes for first few moths all really soft, cuddly bodysuits etc. . and only few newborn outfits. Most of his outfits are for 6+ months only. I must say all my baby's outfits are the best you can buy. . . i have just finished doing theo's nursery and i love it so much, its so easy to get carried away!! I bet house move and pregnancy at same time can get stressful cant it?! Sophia x x
  • Im not stressing about it. We sold our place & are moving into rented specifically for that reason. I will buy another place once I am over the whole haivng a baby thing, I couldn't cope with having to buy a place at the same time. Cant wait though. If we find a good place to rent then I will stay there & buy something to let but for for now am just looking forward to the move. Feels right, like starting fresh!!!

    I bought a load of clothes from John Rocha & Jasper Conran during the sales & have also got a load of 3-6 & up to 12 month things too. Really good bargains were the winter all in one pram suits in the sales for when he is 5-6months & the first winter comes.
    I don't know that many designers & tend to just buy what I like without thinking about who it is from but I do love baby gap & Pumkin Patch!!
  • There are so many amazing baby clothes, ralph lauren and dior do the most amazing clothes ever. . me and my fiancee just moved to a new place before he went iraq.. . its o.k but it takes a lot of getting used to for me cause i am used to living with my parents, am finding it hard in the real world!!!
    This is the first time i have lived from my parents and its difficult, will be easier when Owain (my fiancee) is back, we didnt bother house hunting before as he is usually out of the country than he is in it, so there was no need to live in our own place. Obviously now we need our own space for our baby and to be a family together.
    Where abouts do you live? So your really getting on the property ladder buying all these homes?! x
  • What are you like, dior & ralph lauren. LOL I wouldn't spend that kind of money on my own clothes. image

    Am in Bromley kent. Bricks & mortar, the only safe way to keep your money these days image Don't know if I will become a property mogul but I will always have a foot on ther ladder here. Hubby is from Thailand & we (he) has land & a house there too so I keep the property here in my name alone. If we ever seperate then I get the Uk house & he gets the thai, obviously when baby comes then wills will be written to pass all on to him but we plan on moving back to Thailand in the next couple of years so I don't need to buy a house for us just something to keep me in the market.

    Where are you & how are you finding it living alone?

    No wonder you are spending so much on baby things, must be wierd being on your own so shopping must be a comfort. Will you oh be home for the birth?
  • No he does not get back from iraq until june. . so he will miss our babys birth. U have it all worked out with the housing situation, i dont like living on my own, ill be ok when he is back. ur so lucky if you move to Thailand. . x x
  • P.s i'm in a small village called tettenhall wood. . nearest towns are stafford or wolverhampton x x
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