Phil and Teds in a Corsa boot???

Anyone got a phil and teds pushchair?
I really fancy getting one second hand but not sure if it will fit in a Corsa......has anyone got one in a Corsa or similar sized boot? Dont want to waste my money so thought I would ask first.

Many thanks xx


  • hi, I have a phil and teds pushchair and I think it is great. I have a landrover so no problems with the boot but my dad has a vw fox which is tiny (smaller than a corsa i think) and is long as i took the back wheels off i could fit it in to his boot.
  • I have a phil& ted & I love it. I'm pretty sure that i read on the baby forum that someone had one & had a corsa & it fitted in the boot fine. Might be worth posting this on the baby forum to find out for sure

    Good luck xx
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