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Ju Ju Be Changing Bags

Has anyone bought and used one of these bags? They are not cheap, but thought I would treat myself!

I really like the look of the between and be all, but not sure which one would be the best for a newborn. Prefer the look of the between, but think it will probably be too small.


  • Hi, I had the juju packabe bought for me for christmas. I have it packed ready to take to hospital for new arrival. So far it holds more than a standard changing bag i used for my first baby. It can convert to a back pack which leaves two hands free to look after baby as well as can be used as a shoulder bag. Mine is brilliant, wipe clean comfortable to wear and is in a fantastic modern colour. I would say treat yourself, when your pregnant you deserve it. Hunt around online, i got mine half price at 30 pounds!!
  • Hi,

    I've ordered the Be Prepared one as I am expecting baby number 2 in June so wanted something big enough to cope with two los stuff. They seem to have good reviews, although they are a bit pricey so I do feel a bit guilty!! I used a free one I got with my travel system the first time round so I convinced myself since I saved money the first time it was ok to spend a bit more on this one!! xx
  • Great, I think I've well and truely persuaded myself to treat me to a Ju Ju changing bag. I will trawl the internet to try and find a bargin. But haven't found any websites that are that cheap yet, so have too keep searching. x
  • I got mine from they have some juju be bags on offer still.
  • Just bought mine today at the babyshow from Jellybean, at reduced price too!! Yeah, I love it already.
  • WOW! They are gorgeous, wish you hadn't posted this because I want one now!
  • Sorry. One of those things, until I saw them didn't really think much about changing bags. Once I saw these I just had to have one. My justification is it's a treat for me, seeing all the spending is currently going on the baby.

    Having Internet access and a credit card can be a dangerous combination at times!
  • Well my bag arrived on Saturday am :\):\):\)!

    I got the in between in the green paisley and am Very pleased with it. Just the right size for out for one meal / snack and loooks great too. Have had lots of compliments on it. I also got the Be Quick so when I leave him at creche I can just leave the little Be Quick bag with him.

    Dh says it is very bright, but then it is not for him.

    Thanks Vixs. Which one did you get in the end??
  • Hi Tyger

    I love mine too, can't wait to start using it. image I went for the be all bag in the groovy garden design.

    My OH said something pretty similiar, like "I'm not carrying that around its covered in flowers!", so I replied the same, the bags a treat for me not him. If he wants a plain one he can buy one himself. :lol:

    Went for the be all, cause I know I will be carrying a load of reusable nappies and wipes with me, so need something bigger. But think I will get tempted with one of the between or be quick bags when the baby comes along! ;\);\);\)

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