Maclaren Techno XLR Travel system

Hi All,
just wondered if anyone has one of these and what they think of it? We are expecting our third baby in September and I would love something light!!!

With our first we had a 3in 1 off road Urban, which is great for beach ets but v.heavy and takes up loads of space. I used a Bjorn Baby carrier with my second and had a Mamas and Papas double buggy. We also bought a Maclaren buggy with first and I still use it with second. Love to hear any bodies views on this one as it seems ideal but have not seen it in the shops.


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    Mine is getting delivered tomorrow so II will let u know I am not getting the car seat with it, just the stroller. The only thing that would have been handy is a drinks tray and play tray. You can use just the stroller from birth if u already have a car seat. Anyway I will let u know how i get on.
  • Hi Karla,
    that's great! We do have a car seat, so I was a little unsure about getting the whole lot. Let me know how you get on. Will you be using it from birth?
    Thanks Tracy
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    Just to let u know i have got it and love love love it. its great. I didnt get the whole travel system as the pushchair u can use from birth. My lo is nearly 4 months now and she loves to look around but once she falls asleep u can just recline the back right back so she is lying down without ever waking her as its such a soft motion. I would def recommend it, i got it in coffee/pink and its lovely and very stylish but now i can push my lo around knowing she is so very comfortable.
  • Hi Karla,
    thanks for info. Have tried out some similar Maclaren's and really like them. I think it will be ideal for us. So pretty sure this is the one, probably without car seat. I'm glad you like it. Hope you don't mind me asking but where did you buy it from and how much was it? I like the tan and red, which is on offer for about 150 from Baby Byes but this will be my third boy and sense is telling me to go for darker colours and they are doing a blue or charcoal for 175. This includes cosy toes and raincover.
    Thanks again Tracy
  • Does anyone know if this buggy fits into the standard Maclaren travel case?
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