Baby Carriers

We have just purchased a Tomy Freestyle Roma Carrier, just wondered if anybody had one and what it is like. It was a bargain in Boots and feels really comfortable at the moment (thought what it will be like with baby inside is another matter).


  • I used the freestyle but only around the house when the baby was new and didnt like being put down. I never used it outside as I found any long length of time it hurt my already sore back.
  • You lucky cow!!! lol xx
  • hi, i had the tomy freestyle but only used it when my LO was really small i also found it hurt my back.after a couple of months i took it back to mothercare and exchanged it for the baby bjorn active carrier. i had to pay more but it was deffinately worth it.this one has really good back support. my baby is 7months old and i still use it. we are going to be doing the race for life wearing it. very comfy!
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