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Best off road buggy????

Hi we're heading of to the lakes in Oct & are looking for the best off road buggy. Ive heard that the 3 wheeler ones are the best... I struggle with my 4 wheeler down the old railway line.
Any tips?


  • i KNOW THE BUGABOO IS MARKETED AS A OFF ROAD PRAM- oops excuse the caps, but may be a bit oricy just for a hol! I think youll find most 3 wheelers are - I had a lunar mix 3 wheeler that did wonders across the hills at our local country park
  • I think the Mamas n Papas O3 Sport is supposed to be an off road pram. It was one of the first ones we looked at and is nice.
  • i live in the lakes and i had the mamas and papas 03 sport. its great for up here! x
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