hi,weve brought a silvercross liner, has anyone eles got one,what do you think off them, i fell in love when i saw it,but only troubl its quite big and wouldent fit in our car! good job my hubby was looking for another car at the time, weve now brought an escort estate!


  • Hi Hayley,
    We're thinking of buying a Silvercross Freeway Linear but not sure if it fits in our car.
    What's really strange is that the Silvercross sleepover chassis is smaller than the Linear chassis so we may get that one.
  • Have you looked at the sivercross 3d? Thats the one i was going to buy when pregnant with lo but bought one that was on offer! The only thing thats not great about it is when the pushchair converts into a carrycot its not as big as a seperate carrycot. Other than that i though it was fab.x
  • Hi Debbiemc,
    Yes I've considered the 3D but didn't like the split handles. Thought it might be dangerous or difficult if I wanted to push with one hand. (Other hand holding big fat icecream or mobile). Lol
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