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Mammas and Pappas Pushchair

Hiya Everyone,

Does anyone have a Mammas and Pappas pushchair? We are looking at the Ultima and would like to know peoples opinions on this make!

Anything you think would be really helpful to know!



  • Hi mrs_c_mum_2b, we have the ulitma and we LOVE it! Our little man is so comfy in it and not had any problems at all with it! The wheels are quite large so you need to make sure you have the room. It's very handy to use the pram unit as a moses basket, you only need to buy the mattress which I think is only about ??12 from m&p. The stand is also handy to put the chair units on as an alternative to the highchair, our lo used to love his car seat to sleep in so we used to put that on the stand when we wanted him to sleep. Overall I think it is a lovely unit and wouldn't hesitate to get another! xx
  • Hiya, I also have the ultima and also love it. its fab that everything works on either the pram wheels or the stand. Its also a solid pram but light and easy to push, i absolutely love it and am really happy i bought it x
  • Hiya!

    Thanks so much for the replies! I am really thinking about getting one now! So excited can't wait image

  • hi,
    I was going to get the Ultima with the fixed chassis, but then decided not to as it was really hard to manouver, but I didn't like to chassis with the swivle wheels as much. Ended up getting the Mylo with a stand and car seat adaptor. It was quite a bit more money but I love it, it's so easy to get up and down and the bassinet is gorgeous. And its higher than the Ultima so baby is nearer you. Some people wont like the look of it - its like a cross between a Bugaboo and a Stokke Explory (Sp ?)
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