£14 off baby bjorn...once there gone there gone!


just brought ourselves a baby bjorn active carrier from boots online. I really wanted the black/red one but they are out of stock so went for the brown instead. I decided the colour wasnt as important as the money I saved! Just to say you need to buy it NOW, as once they are out of stock they wont be getting anymore in! I phoned up customer services and was informed that you can only get the brown ones in store. You cant buy it cheaper anywhere else! Was ??70 now ??56!



  • Hiya, hope you are well hun.

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago. I was given a Boots giftcard, and hadn't already got a carrier, so I used the card to get and like you say there is also money off at the moment, so I was really pleased as they are quite expensive usually.

    Like you I have got the brown one, but as you say I'm not all that fussed about the colour either.

    It does take a little getting used to, getting babs in and out, but you soon get used to it, Charisma really likes it as well. She's asleep in it before I even get to the bottom of the road.
    The only down side is the fastening the buttons around the legs, unless its me but I find these buttons really hard to fasten and undo. Just watch your finger nails !!

    Thankfully once babs passes 11lbs then you don't need to fasten them.

    Take care

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