Vertbaudet Discount?

Hi, I had a Vertbaudet catalogue with a code for a really good discount (something like 20 off first orders), but unfortunately lost it. Just wondered if anyone has the catalogue and the code for the discount that they would be kind enough to share. I would really appreciate it! x


  • 2397 - 20% discount for 3 or more items & free gift
    2207 - 20% off & gift (or 3 or more & get extra gift)
    0064 - 20% off 2 favourite items & gift, 15% off 3 items or more
    0097 - I think this just gives free delivery, got this off a discount code website when I last ordered.

    I don't know if any of above are still valid but their website lets you try them all anyway, if no good google 'discount codes' & check out some of the sites that come up!

  • ooh thanks for that! I found a 15% code and used that but would like to order more so will defo try for the 20%.x
  • vertbaudeut is constantly running special offers just check their web regulary dont buy anything until its at least 30 percent of and free gift as well otherwise ull be sorry only a week later and best ever wait for a sale these are unbelieveble and should start as early as next month I dont buy anywhere else now apart from body and sllepsuits which i get from mothercare
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