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Mamas and Papas 03 sport

Hey basically i was wondering what people felt about this pushcair as i'm considering it for my first baby due in sept.

**Please bear in mind i do need an OFF ROAD pushchair so expect something bulky**

Any help greatly appreciated

Naomi + 'monkey nut' x


  • I dont have one but would reccomend a bugaboo for off road.
  • We've chosen the 03 sport as we needed an off road pushchair too! Also due in September too with 1st!

    There are a few others to consider like mountain buggy and landrover but we narrowed the field quickly as wanted ground clearance for muddy field and thought a three wheeler was going to be easier in the mud! Plus has ISOfix.
  • Don't know anything about the 03 I'm afraid but I have taken my new Phil and Ted's E3 out for the first time today(expecting number 2 next month so bought it primaraly as a double, but couldn't resist having a play!) and I was very impressed with it off road. Not taken it anywhere seriously muddy but it coped very well with a rough path and was lovely to push. Definately worth a look, especially if you are planning a small gap for the next one. You can use it as a travel system with a Maxicosi seat as well, which also fits on an isofix base.
  • hello,

    we were planning on buying the m+p sport 03. However when we went into a shop they didnt have any in stock. The ones they did have which were popular (a town near countryside) are the quinny speedi sx and phil and ted. They said teh reason dont sell m+p is because the model prior to the current one, 50% of the customers came back and said that the foot rest (which the front wheel is attached too) which is attached to the main frame of the buggy had broken. Which means that if this breaks the front wheel comes unattached and the pushchair only has the two back wheels ...bit of a problem when out walking. Although they say they have updated the model, all they have apparently done is reinforced the structure ofn the foot rest. Only about to get a replacement for it no refund.

    As a result we have brought the quninny with the maxi cosi car seat. I really like it. When we got back home i looked up reviews for the quniiny online there are a mixture of reviews, because it is slightly wider than some and its a bit on the heavier side some people have given it low marks. I personally dont see the car seat as being heavy, plus only need to lift pushchair in and out of boot so not far. It does take up quite a bit of boot space, but we plan on using it out and about and only in the car when we go to visit people.At the end of the day it is a pushchair for all terain so it needs to be a sturdy one.

    Not sure about the m+p but the quinny speedi sx has an adjustable handle which is really useful as im taller than oh so i can adjust it to make it more comfortable for myself. easy to manouvre, has an added hand brake. it also has a lockable front wheel for when on rough ground but also unlockable for when around the town. I think we were also told that the quinny pseedi can also hold a heavier/older child than the m+p sport 03.

    i liked the phil and ted but it was out of our budget...maybe consider it if had 2 children. I wanted a carseat which sits on pushchair so i dont ahve to wake child up when getting out of car. I personally thought teh phil and ted look abit wierd with the car seat attached. People who i have seen with the phil and ted have beenr eally pleased with them.

    Sorry for the rambling post!
  • hi there

    we have brought the 03...our first is due end of August...we did loads of research and this is the brand new model they changed it due to the foot rest issue that bumpety bump mentioned...its now been out for six mths and they have had none in for repair thus far which is a great sign!

    I think its fantastic value..we were going for a mountain buggy but i was so worried about spending ??600 plus also i didnt want any attachments with the carrycot or car seat and the 03 is easy peasey.

    Its so daunting buying your first buggy/pram I was so worried as my pals who have spent loads only ended up using them for 3-4 months then went to a maclaren? this represents good value for a robust 3-wheeler i think..its a hard choice so good luck!!

    moo xxxxxxx
  • hi there. my lo is nearly 7 months old and we bought a m&p 03 when he was 3 months old and havent looked back. it is fantastic!!
    we originally bought the mpx 8 in 1 and all thats good for is when they are small. we only used it for the car seat attachement and the carry cot and have now been using the sport ever since. we live in pretty rough countryside and had no problems at all. it is so easy to move too even one handed. i take it out with the golden retriever and have no probs keeping it straight etc....

    i would definately recommend getting the 03 sport!
  • Hi there we also have the 03 sport due to living at the bottom of a farm, we have to walk across a field about 1 mile to get to the nearest road. Have been out playing with it and so far have found it fab, stears well and copes with rough ground really well. Also love the adjustable handle as oh is alot taller than me. Only downside is I personally find it heavy at the moment, but that might have something to do with being 8 1/2 months pregant - to be honest find everything heavy at the moment! Great choice thought. tammi xxx

  • Hi, we've just purchased the M&P 03 Sport in Tundra and we love it. After loads and loads of research online and with our heart set on a Quinny, we were amazed at how much better the 03 Sport was. We are due in about 7 weeks and can't wait to start using the pram. Its not that heavy and its not that big once folded. We have a VW Golf and it fits fine in our boot.

    We bough the car seat to match and the footmuff and were amazed that it only cost ??355 and that included a delivery charge to the Isle of Man!!

    It is by far the best pram we have seen and the best value for money. We specifically wanted an offroad pram as we are surrounded by coutry side and glens etc so we needed a pram that can handle all terrains! The seat area is also big enough for a child up to 4 years old so it should be the only pram we'll ever need!

    I fully recommend purchasing this pram
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