crib or moses basket?


  • I opted out of a crib or moses basket as my pushchair comes with a carry cot, so I paid 16 quid for a nighttime matress & will use that.

    The one thing that put me off the moses basket was how many of them on ebay say"only used for a couple of week"

    If my baby will only be in it for a couple of weeks then I fugure we can just use the carry cot on the stand it comes with then change over to the cot when the time comes. As long as you place baby at the foot of the cot then it will be fine.

    But any way, just go with your instinct image
  • We had a moses basket and I wouldn't buy one again. Lo was ok for a couple of weeks but then everytime she moved her arms in her sleep it made a horrid scratchy noise which woke her up. She ended up in her cot in her own room at six weeks. I suppose it depends on how much padding there is on the moses basket but I would say go for the crib.
  • i have got both as i got the cotbeds and my sister and nan wanted to buy the moses baskets, which think is a good idea to have both.
  • i was given a crib this time so i'll give it a go, i have used moses basket and a carrycot in the past and not had any problem with either, my 2nd boy was nearly 9lb and still used a moses basket for about 4 months so the size wasn't an issue, price wise it's not much in it depending on where you look my moses basket was 29.99 and the stand was 19.99 but there was a cheaper stand there and the crib that i was given was 54.99 so not alot in it and a crib will probably last a bit longer but your baby may not like it.
  • I'm really put off by moses baskets as when my son was a baby he scratched his feet on the handles quite badly - I went in to check on him and the white bedding was covered in blood! I'm getting a crib this time.
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