what to look for in a matress?

ive been given a cot bed and just need to get a new matress...simple ehhh!

well as usual with all these baby items im confused?!?

could anyone recommend what type is best, have seen spring ones, foam ones, waterproof ones, ones with 'magical' layers that do all sorts of things like keeping cool, reducing dust etc ...was just wondering what is actually best??

and do you get what you pay for?

any advice gratefully recived (yet again!) thanks


  • I recently bought a matress for our cot and went into Mama's and Papa's with a fairly open mind about what I wanted. The girl sold me the cheapes sprung matress as she said that for a cot (rather than a cot bed) there was no point getting a better one.
    Personally I think that the spring ones are better than foam as they offer more support and sag less. I would definately get one with a removable washable cover as well just in case! As long as the sheets are changed regularly and the matress is only used for one baby I wouldn't have thought that the dust was a big issue and I'm not sure that babies generate enough body heat to need the cooling bits but that is just my opinion.
    I would probably go for a slightly better matress as it is going in a cotbed as lo will be sleeping in it for a bit longer.
    Hope that helps a bit
  • Hi we chose a sprung mattress from John Lewis with a washable cover for our cot bed (this one if you want to see - http://www.johnlewis.com/230232739/Product.aspx) and its nice and firm - she will be using it until she needs a proper 'big girl' bed.

    If your lo is going to be using it for a long time I would get the best you can afford but like Bedhead says if they are going into a bed as soon as they can then you won't need all the bells and whistles because they just don't weigh enough to need it.
  • hi try ebay a mat4u (matress seller) u can email the guy who runs it n he explains all the technical stuff i bought one on monday 47.98 thats sprung n has all different layers plus special cover for asthmatics (stops the matress getting damp) it arrived this morning n looks really good same one in mcare costs 118 quid!!!!
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