Check this out!

Hey guys

Check this out!, its worth it as its stressfree, cheaper than buying all the bits from shops and u get to add couple of ur own things if u want to but anyway check it out

I have bought one and i think its one less thing to worry about and its already packed too!


  • hey guys

    just wondered if anyone had bought one for themselfs?

    Cheriste xx
  • would be a waste of money for me as i dint really need much of that stuff - especially not a pair of baby scissors! What for? I'm gonna be feeding lo not grooming them! And if youre only in for one day you certainly wont need half that stuff.
    I was in labour 34 hours and dint need any of that, and you get given 2 bounty packs once your lo is born that gives you sudocrem, nappies and other stuff for FREE. So - a bit of a waste of money for me I'm afraid.
  • looks like a great idea, an nice bags to!!!
    which one did you buy?
    vikki x
    31 weeks xx
  • Hi vicky
    I bought the one with 34.99 that including the father things and i asked for the bag to go with it as well of ur choice and she just added an extra price so all together its costed me 40ish quid which is bargain as i have worked out if i get all the things from the shop itself its would have costed me roughtly about 60 quid so am saving myself 20 quid so its worth going for it

    let me know which one u went for
    Cheriste xxx
    29 weeks left to go! glups lol xxx
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