Anyone got a McLaren Techno XLR Pram?

If so, what do you think of this as a travel system, and particularly for newborns?

would be really grateful for any views on this pram.




  • Hi!
    We've just bought an XLR. So far I'm chuffed to bits with it. We did have a big 3 wheel pushchair (hated it) and also a Techno XT (loved it!) and decided to get the XLR particulary because of the car seat fitting on it. I need something fairly lightweight and this is pretty good, especially compared to my big 3 wheeler. The XLR is also really easy to fold away and unfold, and the car seat is easy to put on and take off the buggy.
    My only problem with it so far is getting a buggy board to fit it. It looks like we will have to get one of the Lascal ones which costs about ??60, but so far its the only one I can find that seems to fit.
    Other than this I'm loving my XLR!!!

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  • Thanks Reester.

    I took the plunge and bought one and was delivered yesterday. It looks pretty good. The only things I am struggling with is the unclipping the harness - its a bit tough for me, and unfolding it - but just need to practice it.

    What age is your child?
  • I bought one but returned to the shops as the handles seemed really high! I think it's designed for taller women.

    Also, it wouldn't fit in the boot. A big no, no. Plus I liked my baby facing me when he was newborn. Other than that it was a gorgeous pushchair! I'm not trying to put you off, it's just def worth checking it fits in your boot before deciding whether to keep it.

    We went for a Quest instead (as a 2nd pushchair as I've already got a Quinny). The Quest folds up much smaller than the XLR and I'm pleased with it.

    I do also think the XLR is great value for money as it comes with a footmuff.

    Jo x

    J x
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