double prams - advice

even though lo is only 9 weeks old, me and oh are thinking of TTC after xmas when my supply of pills runs out.
was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a double pram that allows a toddler to sit up, and a new born to lie flat in a carry cot? or a car seat even?
ive looked on mothercare and babies r us websites but all the prams are so ugly or dont allow for this.
help ?!


  • Hello,Jane powertwin is supposed to be very good.U can combine carrycots,car seats or just seat units which are both for newborn and a toddler.I dont actually have a double pram but this is the one i would go for.I have jane nomad which is fab.Have a look at they have much better deals than anybody else and free delivery as well.good luck
  • sorry
  • The 'Graco Quattro Tour Duo' does this too! I have pasted a link to babies r us website has it has good pictures of it in all angles etc.

    I have actually bought it for my twins as I can attach 2 cars seats, but its mre perfect for what you want has the front seat as only 2 recline positions and the back 4, for newborns.
  • Hi, I've really been looking into double prams & have settled on buying the Phil & Teds as all the others are so bulky...I am holding off buying until after Christmas as I'm hoping for a bargain in the January sales & will cope with a sling before then for the youngest - due 26th Nov so I won't be out walking much then anyway! No.1 will be about 18months then.

    If you really want a proper carrycot then have a look at the icandy Pear - I liked this but it's expensive, bulky & looks a little cramped with both seats on.

    I like Jane pushchairs as they move well but when I've seen the powertwin out they look a little too long for me but they are a good make of pushchairs so you are paying for quality.

    I like the Graco Quattro Tour for good value & great extras - cup holders/big shopping tray & footmuffs etc all included but I decided it would be too bulky for me.

    I saw one by ABC in a shop window (I think that was the name) but it was really wide although I think it has a carrycot option.

    Don't get side by side as I've seen so many people struggle with these in town - the City Twin can have a carrycot & looks great but it wouldn't fit through our front door & you wouldn't be able to pass it in the hall! (I live in a terraced house).

  • I have a side by side and it's the best double buggy I've ever had!!! It's the Cossato Me & You/You & Me one in blue (they do a pink version & a pink & blue version) and as far as side by side's go, I am extremely impressed!!! I can get it thru all shop doors and even in thru the lift doors of the car park in town!!!!!! It's even lighter to push and easier to manoeuvre than the single buggy we had!!! This one came complete with foot muffs, head huggers, strap protectors, bottle holders & a rain cover. Both seats are multi-positional and do lie flat as well, which is perfect for newborns as an alternative to having a carry-cot etc.
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