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Hello All

Has anyone shopped with the above retailer? If so please would you let me know about the service you have received. I was about to buy a pushchair from them but heard some bad feedback...!

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  • Avoid them like the plauge!!! Have a look at this for starters
    really not worth the risk! Try kiddicare, I've not found any one who's had a bad experience with them and there prices are really good.
  • i have to agree - i am having a nightmare with them. they overcharged me a fee of ??75 and 13 weeks later and weekly phone calls and emails i'm no further forward. at 8 months pregnant it's not what i need

    it's a shame because their sales people were lovely and i though the advice and knowledge when they showed us the different buggies was great, but the aftercare is absolutely appalling

    maybe go for the demos but not to buy!
  • Hi

    I was actaully in this shop at the weekend and we were not impressed! You are greeted at the door by a man smelling of smoke who asks what you are looking for and takes your name. You then look round the shop until the next advisor (?!) is ready to help (!) you.
    We were looking for advice on a pram/car seat etc and the assistant really couldnt be bothered and didnt show us much at all. The only good thing about the store is that you can test drive the buggies outside rather than on the shop floors. We did this and then went to purchase else where! Would not recommend this store at all. Poor service and we also felt like they were testing us on car seat safety laws!!
  • We used them and it took WEEKS to get the stuff. We were lucky tho, many people on here never got their stuff.
  • DO NOT USE THEM. I ordered a pram from them with the promise that I would have it within 3 weeks. 7 weeks later there was`still no pram. I cancelled the order at the end of May and am still waiting for the refund. Nearly ??400.00. Will be speaking to my solicitor very shortly!!
  • Hi Rachel,

    I also have an ongoing saga with Two Left Feet (although fingers crossed the rest of my order turns up today as promised) but I didn't find out about their reputation until after we placed our order and they have lived upto it. Long story I won't bore you with but price errors on their website, deliveries with only half the goods, lack of response to complaints etc to name a few!

    One of the big risks with them is that their phone number has one of these options menus (1 for sales, 2 for info, 3 for after sales etc) and yet when you press 3 you are told you can't talk to anyone but the sales department don't have access to their records and so can't help you so send an email to aftersales. They either don't answer your emails or are very slow so getting any issues resolved is very difficult.

    For anyone having problems with Two Left feet it might be worth you emailing: [email protected] which is supposed to be direct to their Managing Director Richard Bone and was set up after a lot of people on the TAMBA message boards complained!

    Andi X
  • Hi, I'm only speaking from my personal experience but I would NOT recommend them at all!

    I ordered a pushchair and footmuff on line. Heard nothing for a couple of weeks so chased the order up, or tried to! I phoned several times and was holding for over an hour each time.

    I eventually sent an email to say if they could not deliver the goods withinthe next 7 days please cancel the order with immediate effect and refund all my monies paid.

    I got an email to say the order was cancelled and my money would be refunded within 30 days.

    30 days was up and still no response.

    I got in touch with Consumer Direct they were excellent in giving advise to help me. I sent a letter recorded delivery and received a full refund a few days later.

    The letter was sent 48 days after I cancelled the order!!!!

    The service is appaling.

    If anyone would like a copy of the letter I sent to them in the end let me know. My email address is [email protected]

    I ordered the item in the end from Mothercare and got a delivery 4 days later. Well done Mothercare.

    Leila xx
  • They're rubbish, I live near the shop and used it frequently, but the women in there are a bunch of miserable tarts who like to argue with customers - definitely avoid.
  • Me - too - steer clear - shocking service.

    Not worth the cheap prices I have ordered a car seat base and a high chair from them, both were only received when chased a month later.

    I would however recommend - they are good value and everythin I have ordered has arrived the next day.
  • Hi Rachel,
    Please please for the love of god DO NOT buy from this company. I ordered a pram back in june, which admittedly was delivered within 7 days. Unfortunatly I had to return it as it was not suitable for a newborn. 6 months on I'm still waiting for my ??300 refund!! I'm so angry I could cry and its not about the money anymore. They are despicable!! Good luck x
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