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Anyone got any children ages 7 or 8 (also in pregnancy)

Here's a weird one for you!

I have a half sister who is 8 and a half and my Mum still has all of her nursery stuff - it's completely unisex and in great condition and I've always loved it.

Anyway I need a few extra bits - ideally to match - but here's the problem - it's 8.5 years old!

It's a long shot but does anyone know/remember the Mamas and Papas range that was predominantly turquoise with some orange/yellow checks. It reatured a duck, chick and cow - it was just beautiful! I found the duck from the range on ebay and asked the seller but she can't remember...

If you can't remember it do you have any clues as to where I could look for 8 year old stock??

Any thoughts/suggestions gratefully received! x


  • hi hunn how about ebay
    claire and lola-mae xx
  • Lola-Mae what a beautiful name!

    Thanks I've tried ebay but as I don't know the name of the range it's a bit of a needle in a haystack! It also has a scarecrow on it I'm told.. x
  • Hi - it's not the 'Quack' range is it (perhaps that just has ducks)? Search 'Mamas and Papas Quack' on Ebay and there are quite a few items in this range, but can't see the scarecrow or cow!
    Good luck in your search,
    Misty xx
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