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Bugaboo Cameleon - UV Sunshade


I have purchased the Breezy Sun Canopy and UV Sunshade for my Bugaboo Cameleon but the UV sunshade will not reach to attach to the Sun Canopy. Has anyone else had a problem with theirs or does anyone know if the Sunshades are model specific? I wonder if I have been sent a sunshade to fit a Gecko by mistake.



  • The sunshades are model specific so you might have the wrong one. Sorry I can't help more, I have the sun canopy but not the sunshade.
  • Thanks Bedhead - you should be a Bugaboo consultant lol!
  • Wonder if they'd pay me? image
  • Hi Lottie - talk about great minds again - I was thinking about posting about the Bugaboo sunshade earlier today!!

    Does it fit onto the pram bit or do you have to use it on the pushchair only? Also do you think it is worth getting the parasol?
  • Hi Mrs AJ,
    It should fit both pram and pushchair as it fits over the frame and then over the rim of the hood/sun canopy BUT mine is too short to stretch to the hood so its useless. Have just ordered another as I think I have been sent the Gecko (shorter frame) version so will let you know if it works.

    I have got the sun canopy which I think is fantastic but to be honest I prob won't bother with the parasol unless I can't get the UV shade to work - if it works it should be a genius idea because lo is completely shaded from the sun but can still see out (although not brilliantly).

    How is Isobel (sorry if thats spelt wrong) in the carrycot? Neve is almost out of room already and gets really bored in there now but she is just a bit too small for the pushchair attachment.
  • Hi Lottie,

    Isabelle (don't worry about the spelling thing!!) is starting to get quite bored in the carrycot and is very quickly growing out of it. We haven't tried her in the pushchair bit yet but my OH is convinced that if we have it quite flat then she should be fine, I am not so sure but we might try her this weekend and see. I just can't see her lasting in the carrycot till she is 6 months!!

    We actually bought the sunshade today from John Lewis and they said that it only works with the breezy sun canopy so I now need to go and buy one of those (they were out of stock!). I think I am going to buy the parasol as well as looking at the sunshade I think it is quite difficult to see through and so I think if we are sitting out at a cafe or something then I can put the parasol up to shade her and then still be able to see and talk to her. I do like the fact that the sunshade will keep out the insects though - I hate wasps and things like that and I know I will probably freak out the moment one goes near Isabelle!
  • Hi

    I've got all the extras for my Gecko, found all shades quite hard to fit, the instructions you get with each didn't make it any easier.
    The parasol is nice but word of warning, only the day before yesterday my lo grabbed hold of it and it came off the frame and bumped her forehead, she's alright, but I was shocked especially as it was on as tight as it will go.
  • Thanks for the heads up on the parasol Ell, I ordered one today so will keep an eye on it.

    I have taken the sunshade back and ordered a Cameleon one so hopefully that should make it easier although the cafe thing is a good point Mrs AJ - not sure I would like to sit in a closed off shade all day!

    I think we are going to give the pushchair seat another whirl soon too, Neve has just today discovered that she can hook her legs over the top of the carrycot apron and dangle them in the breeze!
  • I have the parasol and the breezy sun canopy now, both in pink! Haven't tried the parasol out yet but the breezy sun canopy is great, the sunshade is quite a tight fit on with it but it does go on. I feel much more comfortable taking her out in this heat now.

    I imagine Neve probably thought it felt great to dangle her legs over the carrycot apron!! I can't quite understand the rules that they have to fit to go into the pushchair. I think that maybe they are being very cautious advising not to put them in untill 6 months. Do you think the advice is more for safety so they fit in the harness better or has it something to do with their back development and so should they be lying flat till they are 6 months??
  • Aaah, pink sounds lovely and so summery - what colour is the rest of the pram? The sun canopy is a godsend and I'm glad the sunshade fits, I must have had the wrong one.

    I think they advise six months because it covers babies of all sizes, I don't know how much Isabelle weighs now but Neve is almost 17lb and quite long, however I have seen babies her age a lot smaller. I definately think back development is a consideration but Neve can sit comfortably in her Tripp Trapp which makes me think that with the seat reclining she should be fine in pushchair mode.
  • I now have the correct sunshade and I STILL cannot get it to fit AAAAAARRRRRGH! What am I doing wrong? Do you stretch the bottom end over the frame and the top end over the canopy rim because it just won't reach!

    Soooo frustrating!
  • Yes, the bottom elasticated end goes over the frame and then the other end over the sun canopy. It is quite tight and I struggled to do it at first, in fact it took two of us (one to hold each side) but it does do it. You would think they could make these things a bit easier, I mean it is not like us Mum's have anything else to do but spend 20 minutes putting a sunshade on!!

    I have the dark grey base colour so the pink goes well with it, it feels so much more summery now than the black. What colour have you gone for with the sun canopy?

    I found some more people who are confused about when to put their lo in the bugaboo pushchair....
  • Forgot to say loving your new avatar of Neve, she looks gorgeous!
  • Thanks! She has just got the hang of splashing in the bath so now we are both drenched when she gets out which is great fun. The Netmums link is very useful, am going to make her hang on for another 2 weeks when she will be 5 months and then put her in it.

    We have the dark grey base as well and have got sand for our summer stuff - a bit boring but its quite summery - quite envious about the pink but husband would go on pram strike!

    Right, am going to go and have another crack at fitting the sunshade!
  • can anyone confirm if the breezy sun canopy fits the original cameleon? 

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