Mamas and Papas Luna

Hi just wondered if anyone has this buggy and what they think of it? My son is 19 months so i'm wondering if he's going to be a bit big for it?


  • Hi

    I have this, but Violet is only 12 weeks old!! Have only used it lying down flat but it seems fine to me and easy to move around etc. TBH I thought it was going to be more of a buggy so was quite shocked at how big it was. Sorry I couldn't be of anymore help.
  • Hi, i havent got this but my cousin works in mothercare and said the luna carseat is the best one on the market as it is better than others for the babies back....this is all i can remember her saying....i wish i had gone for it now as it looks very lightweight....i have the silver cross 3d pram and its very heavy and a real pain to put up and down! x
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