Tixilyx Baby Monitor

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, basic baby monitor and have a Lloyds Chemist near to you they have the Tixilyx Baby Monitor for ??9.99 and today (sat) i got an extra 10% off so it was ??8.99, bargain!! image

It is fully portable and powered by mains or battery. It's analogue and has 2 channels but seems ok for the price.

They also have a thermometer(sp?) from Nurofen that takes temp from the ear which wsa ??19.99.

Hope this helps someone


  • hi obi1
    just wanted to let u no i saw yur post and went out and bought a tixylix monitor the next day and i too got it for just ??8.99!! The woman in the shop said they had been selling really fast and i had got the last one!!
    Thanks for the great tip xx
  • thanks i got two ,one for me and one for friend
  • My mum told me about them today as she works in a Lloyds chemist so I'll be getting her discount on that price too image
  • Hi bought 1 aswell, they still have them at moment, they had them since febuary, thats wen i bought mine but i paid ??9.99
    but it was still a good bargain, they still have them & also other little baby thing are on offer as well,
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