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Out 'n' About single nipper - Renault Clio

Does anyone have any views on this three wheeler? I really want a larger wheeled three wheeler as I live in the country and want to be able to take the baby on country lanes and paths, so need one which will handle off road. I saw a really ace review oon this particular one but knows of no one who has one.

I'd be very interested hearing from anyone who has one or knows anything about it. Also, anyone got any idea if it would fit in the boot of a Renault Clio? Alternatively do you know any of that type of one, which would go in A Clio?

Most grateful for any tips


  • I have just bought one of these - !! I haven't used it yet - and it was everything I didn't want - ie 3 wheels and in black! (Though I love the cream interior and green trim!).
    We had settled on the loola - but then tried this in the shop and it was so much lighter and easier to use. We don't live in the country but the shop we bought it from is in the country (near my brothers house!!) said that they had very satisfied customers and no complaints or returns! I also joined which? online which gave it 68%.
    What appealed to me was the all terrain - but also it isn't too wide (which a lot of them are) and had great user reviews - even for use on public transport.
    I think it would easily fit in a renault clio - as it folds down really neat - but best way is to find a shop that stocks them and most will let you test it in your car boot.
    Where was the review you read?
  • Hi Kati
    I read the reviews on Kiddicare:

    I know nothing about cars but sounded according those reviews as if it will fit in a small boot. Only thing I didn't like the sound of was that it only faces forward (I'd ideally liked to see my baby facing me as I want a pram to use from newborn).

    Please let me know how you get on with it!! It's so much cheaper than some of them that if it is really as good as revies say it's well worth concidering for us.
  • Oooh! Thanks for review - and it does face both ways - which is why I chose it - we tested it in the shop! Ahh! Pregnancy brain - just realised - this is different - we have gone for the travel system one - suitable from birth

    Fingers crossed...!!
    Cheers Annie-May xx

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  • Hi! I have brought the nipabout and love it!! Not used it yet as baby isnt due until August but have played with it a few times!!! Seems to be a fantastic system and is so light & easy to push! It folds up really small and you can remove the wheels.
    Lisa 27+6xx
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