Baby running costs!!

totally unrealsitic unless you have a baby that constantly has the runs i just worked it out at ??304.20 for nappies don't know about feeding as i breastfed anyway but the nappy thing was wrong unless she meant to say the whole time baby is in nappies but that would make the baby 4 when dry to have spent ??1200 and most babies are at least dry in the day before that.


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  • I just did a rough price working on about 8 nappies a day for the first 8 weeks (went through LOADS at the beginning with daniel!) then about 5 a day for the rest & come up with about ??570 ish buying pampers baby dry/newborn... BUT they always have offers on at asda etc so I bought a pile of them when the offers came up so that would be cheaper...

    for wipes I used the huggies ones & I go through them like there's no tomorrow! probably spent about ??100 on wipes (ish) Again only stocked up when they were on offer so it was cheaper..

    if you want to buy the reusable ones then you have to think about the cost of electricity of washing/drying them etc.

    I bottle feed daniel from 1 week old but there's no way I've spent ??800 on that! that's including buying the bottles in the first place!! beybe they've included the cost of electricity too? I got it to about ??500 for bottles & milk.

    dont' think of the money it will cost because it'll drive you crazy! & don't forget you could always buy shop's own nappies to make it even cheaper. they're not as bad as they were a few years ago. xx
  • just to let you know child benifit has gone up as well to ??18.10 a week so this helps to buy all the things you need also most people get some tax credits and in the first year they give you the baby eliment as well so they give you extra for that
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  • i would say so massivley
  • dont forget healthy start vouchers. they depend on your income, but worth finding out if your entitled. you can spend them on milk, formula, fruit and veg. great if you can get them.
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    I found that pampers although more expensive were best for the first few months but later 6 monthish I started using the supermarket own brand during the day and the more expensive ones at night. the own brand are a lot cheaper and seem fine for during the day when you can change baby more often, I also wait for special offers, last year Nov I think sainsburys had buy one get one free on their own brand baby wipes (I got 20) the cashier probably thought I was mad but Ive only just used them all up! I use the cheaper thin ones for wiping mouths after milk etc and the larger ones for changing. YOu can also get a lot of stuff off ebay new and second hand.
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