at the moment i have a cot in my bedroom and a moses basket in the living room
in the moses basket i have a cellular blankert, a normal fitted sheet and on top of that a snuggly feeling fitted sheet which im assuming is fine
im confused about bedding for the cot..i dont want to use bumpers as i have mixed feelings about them
i am just planning on using fitted sheets (basic kind) and some snuggly blankets. is this enough? i also have a baby sleeping bag but when its dead cold (which it will be as he is going to be a winter baby) do i use a blanket and sleeping bag or just the one or the other? im so worried he's going to be too cold or too hot! also if the bedding i suggested for the cot enough?


  • i'm using a sleeping bag with my l/o as the blankets would sometimes end up over his head! you don't need to use a blanket too just get some warm pj's. my first hated the sleeping bag though and he was a winter baby too. i think your supposed to use one blanket then one or two flat sheets depending on how cold it is. as long as your got plenty of sheets etc. you'll figure out what's best for your l/o when they come along!
    8 days!! do you know what your having?
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